Apr 25, 2022

Being a cat parent

Raising a single cat is a different experience as compared to raising siblings. Over the past one year, we have been privileged to witness this lovely bond of two sisters. They clean each other, do mock play fights and cuddle up together during nap times. They are so used to being together that on rare occasions when one of them steps out for a stroll, the other gets restless and agitated.

Last night was the ultimate example of the love these two sisters have for each other. It was a rainy evening and Georgina (the one with orange shade) climbed onto a pipe, got stuck in 3rd floor and was shouting for help. We went looking for her, kept calling her to come down but she was so scared.

As we were figuring out options to rescue her, Octi (the one with grey shade and braver of the two) climbed up the pipe like Tarzan and went closer to her sister. Georgina calmed down and Octi tried to show her different ways to get down. She even looked at alternate ways to come back home, but Georgina was petrified to follow the lead of Octi. By then, it started to pour heavily and we returned home. Soon after, Octi came back too, looking disappointed that she couldn't rescue her sister yet.

We had to keep Octi inside as we didn't want her to get stuck in the rain. She was shouting for a while and went to sleep.

We went to sleep, praying Georgina returns home safely. She somehow managed to come back by 6am and both sisters were happy to be reunited ♥️♥️

After a long nap, they woke up and Georgina had so much to share with me about her adventurous night. The meows were loud, long and with varied pitch 😁

One of the important sources of happiness is realising this simple fact that your presence matters to someone. You mean something to someone.

I came back from work this afternoon and Octi was sleeping on the sofa. As soon as she saw me, she gave me plenty of cat kisses (slow winks are cat's expression of love), jumped down and rubbed herself against my legs, followed me to the kitchen, asking for milk, drank a few sips and then sat next to me on the sofa.

If our other pet cat W was around, she would have jumped onto my lap and taken a nice nap 😊

Octi showers me with love in her own way. Cats have their own unique personality. Cats though claimed to be independent, they show love and attention as well, much like dogs.

Pets have no agenda or a lot of expectations from us. They don't demand that you do things for them, calling out as though it is our duty. They acknowledge your presence and shower love for just being there for them.

Raising pets impacts our happiness and mood in multiple levels. That's what I have experienced in the past 8 years of being a cat parent.

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