Oct 30, 2022

Book Review: Inward by Yung Pueblo

Some books find you via the vibrations you send out to the Universe while some reach you through Amazon's recommendation engine.

The book "Inward" came to my attention via the latter. It is interesting how both these sources - philosophical and algorithm-driven - are in some way interlinked. I spotted it in my Kindle Unlimited recommended list, after I finished reading "The Universe has your back".

"Inward" is written by Diego Perez with the pen name Yung Pueblo. It is a collection of beautiful lines and verses on the topics of self-love, acceptance, courage, and letting go in our Inward journey. It isn't a book that you would read page after page. Rather you could just turn to a random page and read a few lines that would leave behind such an impact.

Simplistic, yet profound,

poetic, yet not cryptic,

hard-hitting, yet not critiquing

- that's how I felt while reading a few pages every morning while sipping my morning chai.

Words can be healing, words can be magical, and words can change your perspective IF we give them the required time and attention. Unfortunately, in today's times, visual medium rules over the world of words. Books, blog posts, long-form articles, and essays seem to be losing their charm.

As we progress in our inward journey, books like "Inward" need a special place in our attention space. Why do I feel so? Check out a few amazing lines from this book.

"Freedom is happening every moment when we are not craving something more."

"Measure your success by the growth of your freedom."

"Stress and anxiety are the children of attachment."

"Self-love does not grow the ego; it does the opposite."

"It is the things you say no to that really show your commitment to your growth."

"How do you know you are attached to something? Because it creates tension in your mind."

"Letting go doesn't mean forgetting; it means we stop carrying the energy of the past into the present."

"What is happening within us will reveal itself in the energy of our actions and words."

"If you are far away from yourself, how could you ever be close to another?"

"If you measure the length of your ego, it will equal the distance between you and your freedom." 

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