Feb 22, 2023

Embrace surprises

 A mixed bag of emotions kinda day! Some that led to deeper questioning, some that led to wondering "why on earth do certain patterns keep repeating?".

A surprise visit by a friend whom I'm meeting after 2 years cheered me up.

Later in the evening, D called me to her room and said, "Mommy, let's draw together".

Drawing, sketching, coloring, painting - These activities are quite scary for me since childhood🙂

I remember outsourcing my "record notebook" drawing work of Amoeba to my uncle in 5th grade🙂 Such has been my relationship with anything remotely related to art.

D is my exact opposite, she loves all things art & craft.

I usually give her some lame excuses to escape from drawing, but today, I consciously decided to "resist less" (remember the earlier post!). I went with the flow, she picked a kitty unicorn drawing tutorial video from youtube. We sat next to each other and started to sketch.

 The next 30 minutes felt so connected. We drew, colored, and talked about various topics and how our kitties on paper resemble our in-house 2-year-old kittens (they are fully grown cats now but will always be kittens for us!). The activity lightened up my mood and helped me unwind from the myriad of thoughts running through my mind.

After dinner, there came another surprise. Started watching "Vaarisu" on a whim (though reviewers gave a poor review) and surprisingly I seemed to like it. Watched only an hour of the movie so far and it takes me back to the 90s movie storyline with predictable scenes.

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