Jun 1, 2023

My experience - Satvic Yoga programs

 Last year, around the same time, I was mentally quite exhausted. Multiple challenges in 2021 and 2022 contributed to increased stress and worry.

Couldn't keep up with my Yoga practice on a consistent rhythm. Lost my flexibility, strength and stamina.

I used to go for regular Yoga classes during 2015-2020, but the 1.5-year break resulted in my body turning stiff. My hamstrings were super tight and my shoulders felt so heavy.

I remember one morning I tried doing "Anjaneyasana" (low lunge pose) and struggled so much. What used to be a comfortable pose felt so painful. I cried that day, thinking about the loss after years of practice.

In that same week, I stumbled upon Satvic Yoga's 21-day Level 1 program scheduled to begin in June. Decided to adopt a beginner mindset and restart from scratch. The flexibility that I had lost came back in a couple of weeks of practice. I followed it up with Satvic Yoga Intense (Level 2) program in July. Apart from the asana practice sessions that were conducted so diligently by our teacher Ms.Radhika, the knowledge sessions inspired me to learn more about Yoga philosophy.

In March this year, I completed the Satvic Yoga Advanced (Level 3) program. Though certain health issues cropped up around this time, regular Yoga practice helped me recover faster.

All three programs are so beautifully structured, covering multiple aspects - asana, pranayama, chanting, meditation, reflection, lifestyle and more. They helped me become more consistent at my practice and have also given me a sense of direction and purpose.

Asanas are only a fraction of Yoga, it is so much more.

Yoga is a lifestyle, a sadhana, a philosophy for life. The deeper one goes, the more profound the experience is!

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