Jan 24, 2024

Seek right knowledge

 We are noticing a certain "reels" trend off late and it is between two groups -

Group A is "apparently" fear-mongering about packaged/junk foods and claiming that they are poison/cause cancer.

Group B mocks group A and makes fun of them by saying that they are exaggerating.

I don't belong to either group, though I used to write detailed reviews of packaged foods in 2017-18 before the reels era.

When it comes to packaged foods, I would rather stay cautious than be lackadaisical/careless. The long-term effects of many of the ingredients have not been researched conclusively yet.

There is huge money at play and influencers (including people who are in the medical field) are being "incentivized" to be part of Group B OR circulate videos made by Group B.

I'm not saying that Group A is completely right in their execution, though their intentions might be in the right place.

Right knowledge will empower us.

Right knowledge will help us make the right decisions (power of "Viveka" or discrimination as given by our "buddhi").

Right knowledge will NOT trigger fear or panic in us.

From a content consumer point of view, as I have been saying repeatedly, let's take charge of our health.

Do not believe blindly whatever content shows up on social media.

Do your due diligence.

Do not expect the right knowledge to be spoon-fed

This is exactly the reason why I stopped writing reviews of packaged foods after sharing detailed articles on 80+ products.

When people still send a DM and ask, "Is this brand healthy?", then it means I have not done a good job of empowering people to help people decode nutrition labels. I didn't intend to be the gatekeeper to certify the ingredients and nutrition facts. It is up to every one of us to do it for ourselves and our families.

When information is conveyed in a 30-second reel, then it will not be sufficient enough to persuade our "Viveka".

Let's get back our attention and revive our habit of reading articles, research papers, and books and listening to long podcasts. The knowledge gained through these mediums will not only empower us but also sustain our motivation to make long-term changes.

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