Feb 12, 2024

Objective of Human Existence

 What's the objective of human existence? Many of us ponder over this question when we get some quiet time in the mornings, when we go for a solitary walk without any distractions, or when we are stuck in traffic after a long day at work🙂

Whether we realize it or not, the objective that we all aspire towards is spiritual evolution. Being blessed with a life where we are born as a human gives us the special privilege of striving towards this objective. An important caveat here is that one may not get the mental bandwidth to even think about such an objective if one is struggling with his/her basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) or one doesn't feel a sense of security.

Having thoughts or questions on the purpose of human existence implies that there is a seeking beyond the mundane.

This journey from being a human to a spiritually evolved human (point A to point B) is a long journey and it has to be undertaken by the individual alone. It is not a group yatra. It is solely an individual's effort which is dependent on his/her tendencies, past karmas, present life conditioning, and the willingness to invest and commit to this purpose.

As we embark on this journey from A->B, the starting point varies from individual to individual. The preferred path varies from individual to individual. The baggage that we carry varies from individual to individual.

If that's the case, then how can we expect to make progress by blindly following a path/ideology being pursued by other people who are also on that same journey, but creating a perception that they are a few steps ahead?

How do we expect such people to show us the right path, when they are still experimenting and figuring it out for themselves?

Communities that promise spiritual progress and self-growth are on the rise, thanks to social media as well as the need of the hour being mental wellbeing-related challenges.

Such communities are run by people with business-oriented mindsets, though they might preach concepts like minimalism. Minimalism applies not just to physical things one possesses, but also to the greedy mindset and money-minting tactics.

"Are such communities and groups harmful?" - someone posed this question yesterday.

Let's look out for knowledge from sources, coming from a place of experience and wisdom. Not from those who think they have figured out life through their limited experiences in privileged environments and launch workshops the next day.

Let's take inspiration from varied sources. We live in an information age where there are plenty of resources from which we can learn. It is up to us to continue to be ignorant or take charge.

Let's not get confused or troubled by the overload of information. It is up to us to "filter the wheat from the chaff". Trust your intellect and intuition. Trust the Universe to get the right information in front of your eyes.

Let's introspect, analyze, and experiment for ourselves before we absorb a perspective as the ultimate Truth.

Be part of communities where you have a place for your voice and where you can ask questions.

Be part of communities where there is a productive discussion happening and not just doing "mukha-sthuthi" (overly praising or flattery) of the person who is being considered the head of the community.

Be part of communities where you consider yourself as an equal rather than being in a hierarchical structure where one person considers himself/herself as an evolved soul.

Most importantly, be part of communities without having any expectation to be spoon-fed or hand-held by someone to lead you in the journey of spiritual evolution.

It is your journey and you need to undertake it with your individual effort.

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