Mar 8, 2024

Four aspects to introspect on Women's Day

Women between 25-45 years old, this one is for you.

4 aspects to introspect, not just on this day, but any day.

(1) Self-Perception

How do we perceive ourselves? 

What is our self-concept - our idea about who we are?

How do we talk to ourselves? 

What is our level of acceptance of who we are currently?

What is the difference based on our perception between who we are and what we ought to be?

(2) Self-Expectations

As we grapple with multiple life challenges, and responsibilities, pursuing new ideas, opportunities, and initiatives, are we sometimes putting ourselves under too much pressure?

Are we being patient with ourselves? 

Are we giving ourselves enough time and space to pursue our goals and ambitions?

Are we ready to wait it out for the results that we want for ourselves, irrespective of the progress made by friends/peers?

(3) Critical Thinking

When we buy a new pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry, we take so much time to evaluate our options. We don't mind checking out 3-4 shops to pick what we like the most. We are very sure of what color, design, or material type we are looking for. We take time to try out different choices.

Why aren't we doing the same due diligence when it comes to seeking varied perspectives? 

Why do we jump onto a new fad if it surfaces in our social media feed?

Why do we accept new perspectives at face value? 

Is it because of fear, lack of confidence, or self-doubt?

Or do we believe that the idea of critical thinking is reserved only for men?

(4) Speaking up

When we are in a group, 

What stops us from being different? 

What stops us from raising our objections? 

Why aren't we asking more questions? 

Is it because of fear of public speaking or to avoid unnecessary attention?

Why do we tend to agree by default with what the larger group agrees with?

Why do we accept the viewpoint of the loudest in the room OR the person leading the discussion?

Why do we hesitate to "speak up" when we have an alternate point of view?

Is it due to the fear of not being accepted?

Is it due to the need to avoid confrontation?

Why do we put ourselves down, when we don't quite get the reason why everyone else in a group tends to agree on a certain view? 

Does your mind voice say - "If everyone else seems to resonate with this and I'm not getting it, then maybe there is something wrong with me only!" ?

Most of us don't pay much heed to these four aspects. If we trace back to the struggles, challenges, and mental distress we face - be it workplace, career, relationships, parenting, self-growth or social circle, we could trace the root to one or more of these four aspects.

Awareness is the key before action.

Facing pressures at the workplace? Introspect upon self-expectations or the lack of speaking up.

Facing confusion in parenting? Introspect upon self-perception or critical thinking

Facing stagnation in self-growth? Look at self-perception 

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