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Thanks for dropping by. I'm Anuradha Sridharan and been part of the blogging world since 2004. Have a cup of chai !! I'd love to share a few glimpses of my professional and personal life through this blog.

This blog is a collection of experiences I have gathered over many years, like a child collecting sea shells on a sea shore. Just like shells that have different sizes, shapes and colors, every person on this planet has multiple areas of interest. And so do I. There are 5 verbs that describe my interests - read, write, speak, travel and cook.

From my professional work standpoint, I've been part of the software product development space for 15+ years, working for both startups and large organizations. I've donned multiple hats so far - database developer, product manager and product marketer. Head over to my LinkedIn profile if you wish to know the details.

My journey into healthy eating began when my daughter turned 6-months old. When family elders insisted that I should start her on Cerelac, I realized how the taste of it was exactly the same as paal payasam (rice kheer), loaded with sugar. Thankfully, this packaged cereal didn't agree with my daughter. There began my first phase in the journey towards feeding my baby healthy, homecooked foods. As a family, we took several steps towards eating more fruits, vegetables and simple, homecooked foods. We also eliminated most of the packaged/junk foods from our diet. In 2017, I was getting quite irritated to see how the food bloggers were irresponsible in promoting junk foods on Instagram. I wanted to take a different stand. There began another phase of my healthy eating - creating awareness among consumers on what goes inside packaged foods, help consumers understand the food labels and make conscious food choices. I have analyzed the ingredients and nutrition facts of around 80 packaged foods, ranging from breakfast cereals, health drinks, biscuits, juices, spreads etc. You can find the complete list here.

A journey that began in 2012 to understand the role of food towards my wellbeing led me to various avenues related to body, mind and intellect. Wellness is multi-faceted and it requires deeper awareness, not just about food, but all our everyday life choices. I started exploring and reading up on the importance of circadian rhythm, digital minimalism, Yoga, philosophy, and spirituality. 

I'm a certified Yoga Instructor and am currently pursuing my M.Sc in Yoga. In the past year, I have found myself gravitating towards chanting, reading Indian scriptures and learning Sanskrit.

I love reading non-fiction books and I write reviews and share notes from the books I have read so far. Genres I read - philosophy, spirituality, Indian scriptures, Yoga, behavioral psychology, motivation theories, marketing, etc. All book reviews accessible here.

I love public speaking and have spoken in product management focused events and various other forums. I have also been speaking in various forums on decoding labels of packaged foods, how to inculcate healthy eating habits in children and ways to dejunk your diet. Check out this link to get details on past speaking engagements.

If there's one thing that I've been consistent at it for more than 10 years, it has to be cooking (apart from blogging). Healthy cooking is not just a hobby to me but has evolved into a serious passion.

This blog reflects my interest in writing. Over the last 20 years, I have been writing on various topics that has caught my attention. Head over to the section on "Hand-picked articles" to read some of my posts that I consider worth your time :-)

I believe in simplicity, frugal lifestyle and environment-friendly living. 

My husband (who has always been supportive of my various interests) , my daughter (who's the biggest motivation for me to dive deeper into healthy eating) and my 3 cats complete my world.

I guess I have shared enough about me...Thanks for reading this far! :-)

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