I love public speaking as it gives me an opportunity to share my experiences as well as learn from the audience's perspectives. I speak regularly in various forums on the following topics: 
  • Design Thinking and Customer Development
  • Building highly engaging products
  • Experimentation process
  • Product Positioning and crafting a compelling value proposition
  • Consumer behavior and behavioral psychology
  • Customer Onboarding for B2C and B2B products
  • Product Management best practices for products in different stages
If you are a leader in the software products space, I can help your team by sharing my perspectives and learnings on areas related to product management and customer experience. I offer both short 1-hour timeslot presentations and 3-4 hour long workshops. If you are a conference organizer and looking for a speaker in the above mentioned areas, do reach out to me at anuradha.sridharan@gmail.com.


Talk at UnPluggd 2016 on Increasing free trial conversions of SaaS products

Guest lecture on why the first two stages of design thinking are important to startups.
Audience - students of executive MBA programme at Institute of Product Leadership - Aug 2015

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