Apr 15, 2005

My learnings

"It is incumbent for us to serve the needy. Altruistic people contribute their best while there are a few who feel vexatious when they just see a beggar on the road. But the situation looks propitious now after the pernicious Tsunami waves. These waves provided a milieu to many who were indolent in such volunteering activities. The quandary of whether to contribute or not is thrown out of their minds after watching the deadly waves obliterate the fishermen families.

It is hortatory to see so many young volunteers pouring their efforts to help the affected people recuperate from the tragedy. This makes me feel India is impregnable by any means. The blarney of unctuous politicians is nugatory to them. It doesn't make any difference to these imperturbable youngsters. Cataclysm is not under our control. India is vulnerable to earth quakes. But in case of such exigency, the huge nation is not obdurate to be insular. The positive effect of helping the affected people is pervasive and I'm sure that myriad helping hands will come out."

You might wonder why I had written these lines. It is actually a small exercise I did to improve my vocabulary. I asked one of my colleagues how to remember the new words that I get to know everyday. He suggested to coin those new words into a story or incident and that would help me to associate the words with their meanings.

If you have any other suggestions, please let me know by posting your comments.

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