Apr 6, 2005

Who am I

Lots of thoughts flashing bright and hard in my mind today. Most of them are questions. What is the purpose of my life? What am I doing here? Is happiness defined as success at work, success in career, success in personal lives? Why am I thinking always about only me, myself, my family, my life?. Am I such a narrow minded person? Have I ever thought about the lady asking for alms with a child in her arms? Dropping a one rupee coin doesn't change her life. But I think I have done my duty. I talk a lot about India and I cannot tolerate if an NRI calls my country as a garbage. I don't drop a piece of paper in the streets. I try my best atleast from my side to keep my country clean. I pay my taxes regularly. Is this enough? Am I contributing to my citizens, to my society?

A big NO thunders at my heart. I'm not going to blame my parents or the way I've been brought up. It's upto me to decide MY life. I'm thankful to God for giving a sound body with no disabilities. It's my duty to help those who aren't gifted like me. What people need is love and affection, not money. Some rich people even think twice to drop a rupee in the hands of a beggar but they don't mind dropping lakhs of rupees in the temple Hundi. I'm not an atheist. I truly believe in superpower. God will be more than happy if we serve the needy than arranging for a special Pooja at home.

I realize that supporting and helping the people who are suffering from pain, hunger, ailments etc etc will definitely give me more satisfaction and meaning to my life. Enough said....Now what am I going to do to find this meaning? Actions speak louder than words. What qualities or strengths that I have which I can make use of to help the needy? Definitely education is a plus point, thanks to my father. I need to find time to do that, somehow. No more excuses that I don't find time. Every human being in this world has 24 hours in hand. It's upto me to make the best use of it.

I will definitely update this blog time and again from now regarding my contributions to my beloved Indian citizens.

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