Jul 23, 2005

When will the master make a come-back?

After a long time, I was listening to songs from Duet,the Tamil movie which had one of the best music compositions I have ever heard. Rahman was at his best, aptly supported by the famous saxophone player Kadri Gopalnath. I couldn't pick one particular song as my favourite. All of them were excellent in their own ways, be it the mellifluous "Anjali, Anjali", the soothing "O Kadale", the peppy "Mettu Podu", the folk lore "Kulicha Kuttralam" and ofcourse, foot tapping number "Kundu Kathrika". The piano, flute and sax blended in such a beautiful manner that it created magic in most of Rahman's fans.

Right from "Roja" days, I have been a very big fan of Mr.Rahman. Everyone appreciated his western style of music but I adore him for his melodies, rather. Illayaraja had given wonderful melodies in the late 1980s, which I had written about it earlier here. Rahman's melodies were totally different than Illayaraja's. I'm unable to put down in words, the exact difference. Nevertheless, both these individual contributors have given their best to melody lovers like me.

I'm very emotionally attached to songs of Roja and Pudiya Mugam. When I listen to "Kadhal Rojave","Netru Illada matram" or "Kannuku Mai Azagu", my eyes get wet sometimes. I'm not exagerating here, these songs take me to such a beautiful place in this planet where I'm all alone and dancing to the tunes along with nature. Then came a movie named "En Swasa Katre". Mind blowing melodies, namely the title track. Wah....even the thought of this very song makes my blood to rush through my arteries and veins.

Some songs are bound to your heart, whenever you hear to them, they make you feel happy, no matter what mood are you in. My list includes , apart from the above mentioned songs, "Sonnalum" from Kaadhal Virus, "Anbe" from Kaadhal Desam, "Narumugaiye" from Iruvar, "Enmel Vizhunda","Minnale","Margazhi Poove" from May Madham,"Thoda Thoda" from Indra, "Ennavale" from Kadhalan, "Vellai Pookal" from Kannathil Muthamittal.Ooof....this is just a very small list. My complete favorite list is a much bigger one.

Currently my comp is playing "Kannuku Mai Azagu". I can feel the melody caressing my hair and putting me to sleep, just like a mother does to her child. OK, Before I go to sleep, I should complete the link between the subject and the body.Off late, Rahman's focus has drifted from Tamil to Hindi to English. I'm very glad that he is going places. But my only request is

Rahman, Please come back with your soothing Tamil melodies.......

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