Jul 23, 2005

Half Blood Prince - Simply Unputdownable

Yes,finally I have completed Half Blood Prince, the latest in my precious collection of Harry Potter Series.You can get to know how I got my copy of HBP from my hubby's latest update here. I read the fifth book "Order of the Phoenix" little less than 2 years back. Although I remembered the crux, I wanted my mind to get refreshed of every event happening in OOP. So as soon as I got hold of HBP, I started reading OOP. Weird muggle, eh? On Monday, to my surprise, there were many people all over the world who has completed HBP and started writing spoilers. I was very cautious and made sure my eyes didn't get a glimpse of those stupid spoilers.

On Tuesday, I couldn't resist my temptation to start off HBP, as the whole of Muggle world has been talking about it. Moreover my OOP revision wasn't moving at a brisk rate as most of you would know that OOP was indeed slow paced. "What the heck? Go ahead and open HBP", my mind tempted me even more. There I go, Dived into HBP with a feeling of just Hogwarts and me. From the very first chapter, the novel proved to be gripping. As the story unfolded, I could hardly put down the book. I even planned to take a day off from work and complete it. Such was the pace in HBP, you could imagine. Every situation had a purpose and was linked to each other. There is suspense, humour(couldn't stop laughing in many places especially in "The Burrow"!!), romance and ofcourse, action. Harry was the sole hero, although it is hard to believe that Ron and Hermione didn't have a very big role to play in this book. I'm not going to reveal any further happenings.Hmm...I felt very emotional towards the end, took some time to realize what happened, couldn't easily digest the death of ________.The biggest plus point in this book was how things fell in place for the grand finale. I can't wait to read the final part in this epic series.

Definitely HBP is in the same league as POA and GOF.

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