Aug 2, 2005

Bye, bye Gandhi.....

Gandhi, if you happen to read this article, I thank you for the wonderful treat at Hotel Harsha.

Forgot to thank him on Saturday :-) ......Anyways, yet another person from our great group is leaving Bangalore and going for his higher studies in US. Gandhi gave us his farewell treat in the very same place where we all started our dream journey of so-called-adulthood. Hotel Harsha. The place where we stayed during our first week in Bangalore, the place where we got acquainted with each other, the place where I met Karthi for the first time, the place where little sparks of something (unable to put those feelings in words!!!) evoked in me now and then. No, I'm not going to get into any more details on that.

We stepped into Hotel Harsha on Saturday exactly after 3 years and 30 days. The restaurant reminded me of those cute moments when I used to sit and have breakfast with Swati, when we used to wait for the cab to take us to our dream company, when we used to go to the nearby Sanman restaurant for dinner, when I cried on my father's shoulders when he was about to go back to Chennai, leaving me alone in a new city. I have never faced the pain of staying in a hostel during school or college days. People argue that it's more fun to stay in a hostel than in your house. But I personally don't like this idea at all.

As we stepped in, we saw Mr.S (taking the idea from DD's blog ;-) , thanks DD!!) finishing off vinegar dipped onions for the second time and ordering for the third time. I looked at my watch, 7.50 pm. Damn, we are so late. We were supposed to reach the place at 7 pm. Poor Mr.S.....

We placed the order for starters. I just took a glance at everyone's face. All of us have grown a bit mature in the past three years. But when all of us are together, the child within us wakes up, teasing, laughing and having fun without even a slight inkling of consideration of people around us. That's how we were, we are and will be in the future whenever we meet up.

Though the frequency of meeting and having fun together has gone down drastically, our group is just one helluva special and unique combo.


Skely said...

Why bother about Mr S right now? We all should be discussing about Ms S. Gandhe would appreciate a lot if we do so...

Gandhe, Thanking you.... well that will never ever happen in your life time...
So gimme more treats and don't forget to invite me for the 2007 world cup at the Carribeans...

What mature did you see in our faces??? Let me rate their maturity level.

Dada -- Still the same idiot, who shows off that he is from OD.What else can you expect from a Kolkattan? He thinks he is mature but actually booooooo..
Maturity Level 4/10.

T2 -- His face still turns red, when we speak about nandini. But he is a responsible person, with the sense of fear on the work he does. So Maturity Level 5/10.

Gandhe -- A Perfect actor(anyone can get fooled by him), Very mature (in ?!@#$) but puts on a innocent face.. Third grade crap he is. He has taken some brave decisions in his life. Knows how to handle different people. So,
Maturity Level -- 6/10.

DD -- Madame, thinks that she is the most adjustable,lovable,kind person in the world.. In other words, she thinks she is a Mother Theresa.. Reality check here...
AOL,Yoga, hmmm Sorry to say, but not helping to increase your maturity level. Maturity Level -- 4/10.

Chells -- He looks Mature only when the remote is not with him. When the remote is there, he is a kiddo kid.. Maturity Level -- 4/10.

Tuby -- Plans everything before hand, more of a traditional person (except for the kuchi kuchi ..). Well manages the house too, so Maturity Level -- 6/10.

Then who the hell were you(Anu) referring as Matured People?? Oh It must be me....I forgot that sorry...

Skely -- Perfect Human Being.
Maturity Level -- 10/10.

Karthikeyan Chellappa said...

A small correction:

Skely -- Still the same monkey since July 1st 2002. After flirting with all the females in Oracle, you have finally decided to settle down with one. So your maturity level increases by just one point.

Maturity Level: 1/10

Preethika said...

I touched by the way Anu had described the way u guys started n now after 3 yrs where u stand, With lot of changes in each ones life.
But am now laughing my hearts out after reading skely's comments.
I've met gandhi only once, a man of few words i'd say. i was pretty impressed when biju told me that in 4 yrs of his engineering gandhi has never taken a single day leave.

All the best gandhi if u ever read this. Hope to see you soon....

DD said...

Hey Anu! Good one... just couldnt stop smiling at our gaala time and Gandhi attracting all the attention from the entire group around that table!! hahaha

Hey Skely, speaking of Ms S is appreciated by Gandhi or by you?!? Chimpu!!
And you know what? I believe in "You are what you think you are" and thanks for such a good comment on me :-)
Skely, I thought you usually have problems with the size of comments exceeding size of original post?!

Chells, Skely's maturity level goes far below 0 when he even smells alcohol and his head starts spinning... so taking an average would still endup in negative :-)

Vijay Gandhi said...

Anu, you forgot to mention that I had booked the entire restaurant for the treat. Well, if it is only us in the restaurant, isn't that what it means. :-)

A hearty thanks to each of you for your wishes.

Parties like these have been very good reasons for us to get together now and then. It always gives us a chance to get to know what's happening in current life, exaggerate it, pull everybody's leg, associate him/her with the person whom he/she had only heard the name of, and later compare the current life with that of 3 years back. It is really fun!

So, thanks again...waiting to attend another party again...and make fun of each other...someday...

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