Aug 15, 2005

Amidst a terrible desert.....Episode 4

Eyes brimmed with tears, Uma said "I'm very proud of you, my child.Your hardwork has paid off". Sundaramma with a smirk said "If you had spent the time in learning cooking and household activities instead of studying for these exams , that would have been more useful for your future".Entered Ravi from sugar mill back home for lunch. "Daddy, I have secured third rank in the state",informed Kavitha in a cheerful tone. "Very good Kavi. Uma, prepare some sweets this evening to celebrate Kavi's success as well as for the guests. From Chinnanur, Shanmugam and his family are coming home to finalize Kavi's marriage with their son. My uncle is also coming along with them. The bridegroom's name is Shivakumar.They call him Shiva. He has a provisions shop. Here is his photo. Look how majestic he is!!",exclaimed Ravi.

Taken aback by her father's words, Kavitha looked at Shiva's photograph. A plump man with a big moustache,aged around 30 years was looking stern through his brown eyes."What's his age? What's his qualification?", Uma asked looking at the photo. "He turns 29 this August. He has completed his 12th std. Now looking after his father's provision store", replied Ravi in a cool voice. Kavitha just rushed off to her room upstairs. While serving lunch, Uma started the conversation with Ravi, the long awaited one, yet undecided on how to convey her viewpoints. "Kavitha is a small kid. Moreover, she wants to study more. Why can't we wait for few more years before arranging her marriage?" muttered Uma. Expecting this question, Ravi replied "Uma, I'm not having a government job. I'm into business. Anything might happen. At that point in time, I might not be able to afford the dowry being asked for. And if Kavitha's qualification goes up, it will be very difficult to find a groom for her in the neighbouring towns. I'm going to finalize this today". Uma understood that this is the tacit end to the conversation. She has to do something to stop this marriage. There is no point talking or arguing with her husband. As always, his words are the final decisions at home.She doesn't want to give up on her vows as well. "My daughter will get all that she wants in her life. My daughter will get all that she wants in her life.", echoed her thoughts from all directions.

After a long hard thought, she finally decided on what needs to be done. "Yes, that's the only way to save my daughter from this marriage. No other choice. It is a tough decision. But I have to accept it for my daughter's happiness.", she stood up in front of God's picture praying with utmost devotion "God, please make sure that my decision proves to be right for my daughter." And she climbed the stairs towards Kavitha's room swiftly, fully confident of her decision. Her thought processes were progressing and planning step by step on what she has to talk to Kavitha now.

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