Sep 22, 2005

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My taste of songs keep varying but the bottomline is melody. After listening to a song, I shouldn't get a headache, that's the main criterion.

"Kumari...." song in Anniyan is one of the nice melodies I have been listening to quite often these days. My mother used to say that Tamil sounds best when it is stressed and spoken. It shouldn't be spoken from the tip of the tongue. You can really get the poetic feel of the language only when you twist and twirl your tongue. This statement proves to be perfect in this song. Shankar Mahadevan's pronounciation is awesome. "En Nenju vimmi vimmi pammi nikkudu", just listen to this one line and you can understand what I'm trying to say. The song is well picturised and the costumes look very apt for Vikram and Co. This is the best song in Anniyan according to me. Unfortunately, Sun Music plays this song very rarely. Often I hear "Andakakka", "Remo remo" and "Kannum Kannum Nokia" which are good songs but not palatable to me.

Thanks to, I get to hear new songs even before the movie gets released. One such new song which didn't impress me in the beginning but totally flabbergasted me now is the "Mayilirage" song from Ah Aah. It always happens with Thalaivar's music, his best songs never sound good when you hear for the first time but they slowly grow upon you. This song begins with a soothing Nadaswaram tune. Whatever be the latest technology developments in music, it can never beat the traditional veena, flute and nadaswaram. I started liking Madushree's voice from her song "Hum Hain Is Pal Yahaan" from Kisna. Her voice sounds similar to that of Sadhna Sargam. This song is a mellifluous masterpiece by the master.

Harris Jeyaraj's songs are always unique, though some songs have a slight tint of Rahman flavour. His recent movies have atleast one nice melody which is impressive. "Totti Jaya" is one such movie where the melody "Uyire en uyire" is just superb. It gives you a feel-good feeling. The voices of three talented singers Karthik, Anuradha Sriram and Carnatic singer Bombay Jayashree have blended in a perfect mixture. A slow, breezy, romantic song that can put you to sleep. A perfect song to listen before slumber.

Another new song from Harris which I keep hearing often in the past 2 weeks is "Oru Malai" from Ghajini. It cannot be rated as a true melody. But the beats are mesmerizing. Sung beautifully by Karthik, this song is the typical hero-describing-heroine song. I would rate this song as a true evening one. Just imagine you are taking a stroll on the seashore with the sunset in the background and listening to this song. You would feel much better.

I couldn't stop writing more about Harris. Another feel-good song from the disciple. "Ennai Pandhada Pirandhavale" from Ullam Ketkume. My husband and I are crazy about this song. After a long time, we get to hear Srinivas' voice. He is such a talented singer, am not sure why he is not given enough opportunities. Competition is so intense in Tamil film music these days. Young singers like Karthik,Tippu and Harish Raghavendra are the most sought out singers. It's good for music lovers like me. We get to hear voices of different people. This trend was started by Rahman, experimenting with new singers and it has worked well.

Tamil film music has always been great and with newcomers portraying their talents, it is going in a perfect direction.

If you are a melody lover, make sure you listen to the above mentioned songs. I can guarantee that you would rejoice while hearing to them.

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