Sep 20, 2005

Special Seven..........

No one tagged me.......... So tagging myself :-(

Seven things you plan (wish I could) to do before you die

1) Own a independent house with a biiiiiiiiig garden , a tree top play house, a small Ganesha temple at the centre of the garden, a lush green pasture for me to lay down and watch the twinkling stars in the night and a swing on the pasture (so even if I fall down, I don't get hurt)
2) Learn singing and sing a song for A.R.Rahman's music in a Tamil movie
3) Start a chain of book stores all over India
4) Visit Australia, New Zealand. Take a Europe tour
5) Spend a month in the Himalayas
6) Learn to play violin, flute and piano
7) Write a novel (maybe autobiography !!!)

Seven things you can do

I can..

1) sleep on an afternoon
2) cook palatable food ( Couple of years back, I thought it's a tough task for me, but now I'm an improved cook )
3) eat cheese, paneer and still be slim
4) watch Sun Music all day (mad about music , especially Tamil film music)
5) sing whenever I can
6) play hide and seek, police and thief, country, cards etc
7) watch any Maniratnam movie n number of times

Seven things you say/write the most

I say..

1) yeah
2) oh
3) kaduppa irukku
4) arukkadhey
5) seruppu
6) okay
7) fine

Seven things you can't do

I can't..

1) eat non-Indian food (except Pizzas)
2) interact with scene parties (one who boasts too much about themselves)
3) watch action movies
4) play computer games
5) be a back bencher (always a first bench pazham and I'm proud of it !!!)
6) watch TV serials
7) walk in a crowded place (feels very irritating)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex

1) Smile
2) A clean shave
3) Innocent eyes
4) Soft voice (can't handle the rough, scary voice)
5) Honesty
6) Respect for women
7) Romantic in nature

Seven celebrity crushes

(1) Sachin Tendulkar
(2) Michael Schumacher
(3) Madhavan
(4) Shaam
(5) Shahrukh Khan
(6) Hrithik Roshan
(7) Ronald Weasley (Harry Potter's friend) :-)

and now I tag....



Bijesh said...

Tuby!!! I tagged u!!!!

Bijesh said...

anyway, good list.

i can't believe u claim to be able to cook.. though the avial(that's what u made, right?) was good. I still believe it was chells that cooked it. :-) just kiddin

Preethika said...

nice list anu, Ronald wesely as a crush??? i'd have loved Harry himself.

Vijay Gandhi said...

i wanted to tag others, but then, i forgot thinking abt the list...

piano? u know what, i went for piano classes usual, i didnt last for more than a class! its kind of great though.

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