Apr 7, 2006

Being Cyrus - An unworthy hype

I learnt that I should never believe in the ratings given by the leading newspapers. A marketing gimmick, it is.
I learnt that I should never really ask for opinion from others before I decide to watch a movie. Opinions differ from person to person.
I learnt that I should never watch such gloomy movies on a weekday evening. My rest of the week gets spoilt.

Nothing much to write about this very hyped movie. A slow paced, predictable series of events. Many actors' potential has been wasted. For instance, Naseeruddin Shah. Such a talented actor he is but has no significant role to play in the film. Dimple Kapadia, the less said, the better. Boman Irani, a good comedian who proved his talent in Munna Bhai is fighting with a dog here and that's supposed to be the humour part of this movie. Hahaha....we laughed not for the comedian but for the director who thinks that Indian audience can laugh for anything.

But we should definitely appreciate the director for taking a dark, gloomy way in an un-Bollywood fashion. Imagine the same story to be directed by the director who prefers to name his movie starting with K. When Saif kills the old man, a background music of 'Aaaaaa' would have been played. When Saif talks to her sister in the last scene, it would have been so emotional with tears flowing out of the movie screens and drenching the audience. When Dimple and Boman were speaking over the phone, it would have been followed by a romantic song with the couple running on Swiss mountains.

Saif has done a commendable job and proved that he can take up serious roles as well apart from his running-behind-girls kind of roles. If you are a serious Saif fan, go and watch "Being Cyrus" but if you are a serious fan of Saif's comedy, avoid watching this dull and boring movie.

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