Aug 2, 2006

Interruptions everywhere !

It's been a long time since I sat down (or on a chair) for a couple of hours and focussed on one single task at hand. Any task for that matter ! I'm getting or allowing myself to get interrupted in all possible directions and at all possible places. These interruptions need not be external ones alone. Even when I'm alone and I think about some concrete plan of action or I'm just relaxing, varied thoughts become the source of interruptions.

For instance, while I'm watching TV lying on my cosy comfort bed, I get interrupted by the N number of channels and options I have. I can't watch a programme peacefully for even 15 minutes. I do watch Friends every night on Zee Cafe and I flip to other channels during ad break. Have I become a restless person?

Now, while I write this piece, my mailbox pops a mail icon and I quickly switch over to my mail client to read my new mail. I guess I'm becoming a Pavlov's dog . I notice this abnormality in most of the people these days.

It's been ages since I spent some quality time doing something creative like drawing or painting. I do spend a lot of time cooking new items but I tend to follow the recipe from the book and I don't want to claim this activity as anything close to being creative.

As soon as I get up, my mind is subjected to a hailstorm attack of thoughts. And this clutter keeps accumulating till my end of day. A new day begins and the same cycle repeats. A chatterbox, a palaver inside my brain, I suppose.

I do try a bit of Pranayama and meditation rarely in the mornings. During those 10-15 minutes, I feel relaxed and focussed. Then the chatterbox starts again. I blame it on the noise that's prevailing in my area - the honks of impatient car drivers and the decibel levels having increased to intolerable levels. I have closed the windows at home to see if that's gonna improve the situation. I'm also thinking of locking up TV for a while till I get back my concentration level. All I now need is peace, peace, peace ! peace within myself, peace in my neighbourhood, peace in the world....

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