Aug 15, 2006

The beginning at the end

Change - How important is this factor in one's life? Without change, do human beings ever grow? I wanted to experience this feeling of change for the past six months - change in environment, change in the route I travel everyday, change in the kind of work I do, change in meeting new people, change in everything. I felt that my life was becoming very monotonous. I wanted to explore the options available to me. I really want to figure out where my talents and interests are.

I'm out of my first dream company now and I will be moving to a new place tomorrow. When I finally made this decision, I felt so relieved. Yes, I started to believe that I can come out of my comfort zone and try other things in my life. I feel so enthusiastic about life all of a sudden. It really amazes me how the feeling of change can create wonders in the way we think about life. This whole process helped me identify many things and most importantly, when I sent out a good bye mail to people I knew, I was overwhelmed by the wishes I received. I realized I have made a lot of friends in this place than I thought of. Some even went further and said that I'm a down-to-earth person, creative person etc etc (No, I'm not kidding !). So nice of them !

Apart from the change in my work place, this has also brought the urge of exploring my creativity. I'm slowly unravelling myself.I see a strong inclination to become a writer, to become a singer, to become a keyboard player, to become a motivational speaker etc etc. I see so many personalities within me. I'm going to explore more on these lines to find out which is the path that I would be taking.

I just don't want to spend the rest of my life in a typical home->work->home schedule. I'm perfectly fine with split personalities. I have identified my generic purpose in life, now I'm in the process of identifying my specific goals, projects and prioritizing them. This should give me a clear direction and become my compass in the journey of life. How exciting this phase is !


Anonymous said...

Good luck Anu with your pursuits.
Enjoy life... as they say "life is
what happens to you when you are
planning things"... so don't spend
too much of time planning and
analyzing. Jump in !

Hopefully you will get that job
satisfaction thingy at the new

Preethika said...

Good luck Anu!!! but then someday u'd to leave... and it jus happens to be now...

All the best! i'm sure u'll love the new place.
And yes, belated b'day wishes! :-)
And advance aniversay wishes :-)

Mishi said...

One who seeks something doesn't need company, doesn't need anyone to approve of his actions and it's only the start of such a journey which instills fear. Its pure bliss beyond that...
Stumbled over your blog by chance. Good one!

DD said...

feels so fresh reading your post! all the best with your exploration... :)

Nirek said...

best wishes for the new job!

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