May 29, 2007

It's raining!!!

A lovely cloud cover in the evening followed by thunder and lightning eventually leads to heavy rains lashing the city. Such evenings are perfect to remain inside the cosy comforts of one's home and welcome the monsoons and not to roam around the busy roads. On Friday evening, I got stuck for about 2 hours waiting for the rains to stop, asking every auto driver to take me to my place and finally, with one auto driver agreeing, little did I know the mess is not over yet. There was a huge traffic jam and the auto driver refused to drive further. Thinking it's just another half a km, I started walking. A few steps further, I noticed this waterlog; knee feet deep it was! With no other route to take, I started walking, with my heavy bag lurking on my right shoulder. I managed to cross this pool of water and rushed home. Never make the mistake of hanging out in the shopping malls or multiplexes like me on a rainy night.

It's been raining movies as well. In the past week, I've been a watching a lot of movies. Spiderman - 3 is ofcourse, part of this list. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Well picturized action sequences, a pacy flow of the story and superb acting of Peter Parker makes it worth a watch. I didn't enjoy the ending, with the friend Harry sacrificing his life and the sandman turning out to be a good guy, all of a sudden.

I've been a fan of Tom Hanks, ever since I watched Forest Gump and Cast Away. So my hubby didn't have to convince me so much to watch "You've got mail", a slow, romantic movie. I loved this story of how 2 people who have met over internet become friends and how they are enemies in their real life. Some of the dialogues were witty and interesting.

Last night, I was feeling tired and no mood to surf through channels. When hubby switched over to DVD to watch a Hollywood action movie, I didn't resist (which I usually do!, Can't stand the dishyum dishyums) for a change. I was sifting through the newspaper when the titles were being shown. Then he explained me what the story is like. BTW, this action flick is "Face off". Somehow, I got intrigued by the story and watched it with no distractions till the end. It is a very interesting movie, indeed. The two protogonists have acted brilliantly and they fit in their respective roles very well.

There are some Hollywood movies which I have never watched till the end. After 30 minutes or so, I usually fall asleep. I have watched the first 30 minutes of the lord of the rings (Part I) 'n' number of times but could never go past that time. The same goes with the Matrix as well. But thanks to my hubby, I've started watching more Hollywood movies these days. Hopefully, there will be a day soon when I understand the matrix :-)


Bijesh said...

u liked spidey 3????? my goddddddddddd!!!!

it was more like a karan johar movie than a spidey movie.. people were literally in tears - wishing for the movie to end.

Karthikeyan Chellappa said...

I have to disagree.. it is exactly how a spidey movie should be like - numerous villains and Marvel Team-Up action. If you read the comics, you would know. The movie theme is taken from some of the best stories in spidey comic series.

Fact is most people who watch these kind of movies go with different set of expectations. They forget they are watching a movie adapted from comic books not real life incidents. So some scenes which look 'silly' to a mature adult might be appealing to a young teenager. Its all in the mindset.

Even if the story isn't appealing to the non-spidey fans, the action sequences which I thought were very nicely done deserves an applause. Try watching the making of any of the spidey movies, you will come to know how painful it is to make up those action sequences even with CG.

Skely said...

I have to disagree to chells, and agree with biju...

Chells, I did go with a child-like mindset to watch a comic turned movie .. But it was a drama.. just couldn't wait when the movie would get over..

Can't belive they are to make 3 more such movies... I wonder how you didn't like Super man (Part II or III) but liked Spidey which was on the Super Man mould... As you say, It is all in the mindset. :)

Skely said...

BTW Anu, You have a cool Blog format Template..

Anuradha Sridharan said...

Guys, everyone has their own opinion about movies and very difficult to generalize on individual's tastes. As a matter of fact, I liked Karan Johar's Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and it's been one of my favorite Hindi movies so far. I like movies with emotions and can't stand plain action movies.

Skely, thanks! This is the first time I changed my template ever since I started my blog :-)

Bijesh said...

@chells: Dude, forget the team-up action and everything else..
1. the movie was too damn predictable. we were narrating scenes even before they happened.

2. being a comic, I expected it to not have MJ switch boyfriends like switching her hair-clips.

3. even the emotional angle to the movie was silly and absurd.

4. Spidey 1 and 2 were superb.

5. I can take a lot of "silly", unreal action sequences. I can take the sandman and his gravity defying moves. I even took the whole plot of a radio-active spider's bite making spidey. I am talking about the other silly things in the movie - the whole spidey is an emotion junkie plot. do you mean to say that seeing toby mcGuire do a gay sequence with his stupid new hairstyle and that ridiculous bop on the streets appealed to young teenagers?

6. I have a lot of time on hand and I am feeling sleepy but I choose not to ramble on :)

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