Jun 4, 2007

8 things about me

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1) Whenever I go to a restaurant, I ask for the menu, peruse it for a while and then order Veg Pulav.
2) While walking on the pavement, if the person driving a motorbike on the same pavement honks at me from behind, I shout at him angrily in my mind.
3) I make peculiar sounds while I’m sneezing.
4) I get amazed by watching aeroplanes. Whenever I hear the sound of flights, I look up and observe them with awe.
5) I talk to the moon and the stars. Of course, I have to be in a certain mood for it.
6) When I lend a pen to someone (even to my husband), I ensure I get it back.
7) If I get hurt, the first emotion I express is anger, after which I feel the pain.
8) I can converse better with guys than girls.

I tag everyone who is reading this :-)

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