Jun 13, 2007

Credit Card Troubles

I neither have a credit card nor do I need one at this point of time. Last week, I got a call from a private bank. This is how the conversation went.

The lady on the phone : Madam, I’m calling from xxx bank.
Me : Is this regarding credit cards?
The lady on the phone : Yes, madam
Me : No, I’m not interested
The lady on the phone : Since you are working for company, we are offering you a free credit card
Me : I don’t need it
The lady on the phone : It’s absolutely free, for lifetime
Me : Still, I don’t need one
The lady on the phone : We have already allocated the card for you and we will be dispatching it soon
Me : (In an angry tone) Who asked you to allocate it? Did I ever apply for a credit card? Just because I’m from company, you just send a credit card to me? You are not sending the card to me. Why do I have to face the hassles unnecessarily? After a year, you will charge me with some useless charges. Why do you guys cause so much trouble to people?
The lady on the phone : No charges will be charged, madam. It’s absolutely free. Why do you reject a free credit card?
Me : I don’t want a credit card, even if it is free. Please cancel it

And the worst part is that the same bank had sent me a credit card to my home address without me applying for it a couple of years back. I wonder how they got my details. I had to put an unnecessary item in my to-do list to cancel the card. Though it’s easy to cancel, I don’t want to spend time on such useless work. It’s so irritating when these people call and disturb you all the time. If I need a credit card, I would call different banks and enquire about the options. Why do these banks adopt such stupid marketing tactics? Is it that they believe that if anything offered for free, people will just grab it? I guess that mindset has gone past long ago and people are more aware of what they are getting into. Just by using the word “FREE”, the agents cannot capture the consumers.


Bijesh said...

he he he.. I do feel sorry for the tele-marketeers. their job must be one of the worst.

you know what the funny thing is. I tell them I already have 3 "free" for "lifetime" cards and still they want to sell one more to me. :-D

They sent you an "activated" card w/o applying? That's too much.

Karthikeyan Chellappa said...

here's what I used to do: answer the call, wait for them to say they are from some xyz bank, then I say "NOT INTERESTED" and hang up. Total time - 10 secs

here's what I do now: configured my phone to allow calls coming only from my phonebook. All other numbers get a busy tone.

Nirek said...

hey anu,
credit cards are not untouchable items in the world. But I understand telemarketing idea sucks very badly!

Sumant Sarkar said...

hey Anu, RBI has made it illegal for banks to send you unsolicited credit cards. If you want to, you can send a complaint to RBI or banking ombudsmen or both.

ck said...

Hi Anu,
Long time no see! How are you doing? I get these offers daily in the mail here in US. I throw them in the garbage. But, they don't send any activated card to your home. Looks like things are worse back home.

take care,

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