Mar 4, 2008

A special Sunday

I did something last Sunday which I haven't done for a long time. It all started with hubby's plan of attending an Indica car users meet in Cubbon Park. The last time I visited Cubbon Park was way back in 1990. Sunday was meant to be the day to break the jinx, I suppose. We reached around 10 AM and greeted the fellow Indica users. The casual talk gave way to more technical details of cars and SUVs and I started losing interest. Discussing about specifications of cars is not my ideal way to spend a leisurely Sunday morning. I started walking and admiring the tall trees, the yellow flowers on the grass bed, the clear blue sky, the dry leaves and the water droplets on top of hibiscus petals. It's interesting to see different people, taking a nap on the benches, having a picnic with family, jogging hard to stay fit, the visitors and the regulars.

After taking a stroll around the park, I went to Bal Bhavan (children's park) and was thrilled to see the amusement rides. How much I enjoy these rides! This time, I was all alone by myself. I was watching the families that have come together that reminded me of my childhood days when we used to visit Kishkinta and MGM Dizzee world in Chennai. I wanted to go in all the rides but was reluctant to take the plunge alone, not because I get scared because it felt weird to go on a ride alone. One part of my mind suggested that I should go back to the car users meet while the other pushed me towards those exciting rides. What if all these rides are meant only for kids? That would be a huge disappointment. It felt awkward when I asked the lady in the counter whether these rides are only for kids. When she said no, I felt ecstatic. I bought the ticket and the ride on the Columbus (a boat swinging like a pendulum) was so thrilling. The irony was the song being played in the background - "Akele Hai to kya gum hai" from Qayamat se Qayamat tak. The kids who were my fellow companions gave a broad smile and I had so much fun, shouting at the top of my voice.

I returned back in the sunny afternoon, terribly hungry with lunch parcel in the hand. After a quick lunch, I took a nice afternoon siesta. I love these short naps in the weekend afternoons. But in the past six months, this has become a rare event (thanks to PGSEM!). Anyway, when I woke up and switched on the TV, it was a perfect chase by Indian cricket team and a sparkling century by Sachin. After a long time, I spent a couple of hours watching cricket. Such occasional laid back Sundays are really amazing and much neeeded if we have to face busy weekdays ahead.

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