Mar 4, 2008

Time machine

My contribution to Sunday Scribblings #100 - Time machine

Eyes red and brimmed with tears
Rice balls difficult to swallow
Future appeared desolate and grim
Near and dear consoled to support
efforts to alleviate the grief and pain

gripped with deep sorrow
devastated with the death of my mom,
in the painful moment, I receive
a special gift from God
soothing and comforting

the lyrics and the beats
a melody fresh and new
to the eardrums of a 11 year old
playing from the radio
in the rusty old tea shop

life moved on fine
a 15 year long journey
pampered by the love
and care of my dad
and now my hubby

yet the time machine
brings back the sadness,
reminds me of the trembling pain
and the caressing comfort
my precious song of a lifetime

This precious time machine is a Tamil song "Kaadhal Rojaave" from the movie Roja.

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