Jun 2, 2008

Let the music play!

It's a rare occasion when two albums of Rahman of different genre release around the same time. I was hoping that Ada would be better than Jaane Tu yaa Jaane naa but I was wrong. JTYJN is a superb album with many beautiful songs. Except for one song, Ada didn't impress me that much.
"Meherbaan" from Ada is such a soothing, caressing melody that my eyes have been welling up ever since I listened to this song for the first time last week. It starts off with a similar tune as of "Shauk hai" from Guru but that's just for the first couple of seconds, after which Rahman takes the listeners through a magical journey. I'm just mesmerized by his voice and the humming while the background score goes slow. The instrumental version of the song is equally good. Although I'm not attracted to any of the other songs in this movie, I'm just hooked onto this brilliant composition and voice. This is definitely one of my favorites of Rahman.

The album JTYJN has a range of brilliant songs. This album is on similar lines like Kaadhal Desam, Kaadhalar Dhinam etc. Youthful, peppy and foot tapping numbers! A romantic melody "Kahin to hogi ho" is sung so beautifully by Rashid Ali and Vasundhara Das. I missed her voice for quite some time. This is my most favorite song of the album.

"Nazrein milaana" is a peppy, foot tapping number that caught my attention right from the first hearing. I just watched a trailer of this song and can't wait to watch the picturization of the whole song. The jazzy song "Tu Bole" sung by Rahman himself is a unique composition with trumpet tunes used for interludes and has some interesting lyrics. There is a slight resemblance to Sillunu Oru Kaadhal title track. Another superb song is "Kabhi Kabhi Aditi" sung by Rashid Ali again. I like the background tune that flows in throughout the song. I would call it a morning song as this will cheer your mood for the whole day. And for all the fans of fast paced numbers, there is "Pappu can't dance" which will make you dance.

I guess this movie should be worth a watch, with such nice songs and ofcourse Imraan Khan!

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