Jun 4, 2008

Not so routine but special

When you do something which used to be a routine activity after a very long time, it feels very special. I totally agree with this statement. I used to be a regular listener of Sun Music a year ago. But after a few months, the same songs were repeated and mostly, those were the new songs. I couldn't bear to hear the stupid comments or questions from those VJs. They just spoil the experience of music by continuous talking. Once I got into PGSEM, I stopped watching Sun Music completely which gave me some time in the evening for my course work.

Now, with the vacation and a new Tata Sky connection at home, I turned to Sun music last night. I'm not sure if it was my luck or they have seriously changed their songs collection. My favorite songs started flowing one after the other and moreover, the RJ was also bearable. Some of the songs that I listened to and happily sang at the top of my voice while preparing dinner are these -

Rojavai thalattum thendral from ??
Poongatru un per solla from Vettri Vizha
Mandram vandha from Mouna Raagam
Vaa vaa kanna vaa from Veelaikkaaran
Medhuvaa medhuvaa oru kaadhal paatu from Anna nagar mudhal theru

Illayaraja, SPB and Chitra at their best, I should say!

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