Jan 4, 2009

A dream or reality?

My contribution to Cafe Writing - 2008 Holiday Project (Option two)

I lay on the soft sand, admiring the distant stars and the crescent moon. It is a beautiful night accompanied by the roaring waves singing a lullaby and the salty breeze sweeping my rambling thoughts. I wonder whether I would be visible from the twinkling bright star at the horizon. I'm at peace hearing the clinging of the wind chimes hung from the tender branches of the coconut tree. The magical feeling of special someone caressing my forehead puts me into deep slumber. My dreams kindle my imagination at a steadfast pace. Riding the canoe, I reach for the deep ocean, with the waves pushing me forward. It's getting darker and the voice of the seas slowly taper down.

The land is no longer visible but the bright star seems to appear closer, just an arm's stretch from the earth. I jump, hoping to catch the star in my tiny palms and carry it back to light up my land. Playing hide and seek with the clouds, it twinkles happily and makes my ambition more alluring. The majestic waves looking at my plight push me higher and closer. "It's reachable and I can do it", I assure myself. With no care about the time, I keep trying hard. The distant sun sets ablaze at dawn, letting the bright star go to sleep and waking me up from my purposeful dream.

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