Jan 18, 2009

A story on change

Thanks to a recommendation given in one of the panel discussions at IIMB, I managed to read "Our iceberg is melting" today. It's a simple and thoughtful fable narrating the process of change and the steps involved in influencing change. The characters - Louis, Alice, Fred, Buddy, NoNo and many such penguins in this story are not new to us. They exist in different forms at our workplace and society. Change is inevitable and it is the only constant in life's equation. Yet many of us dread even a minor change in our day-to-day routines, let alone the bigger impact ones.

The 8 step change process suggested in this story seems to be very useful and I plan to refer to it as often as needed. I admire the approach used by the author to discuss the important concept of change management using a simple fable. I highly recommend this book and one can finish reading it in a couple of hours.

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