Feb 28, 2009

I am

My contribution to Sunday Scribblings #152 - Lost

Getting lost
in my own world
amidst the daily humdrums
A dreamer, they call me!

Staring at a distance
in search of someone,
amidst the gathered crowd
A loner, they call me!

Gliding through the clouds
seashore abound with footprints,
sulking in the beauty
A wanderer, they call me!

Feeling his presence
my heart skips a beat,
the sweet end to my quest
A romantic, they call me!


Ms.Maria said...

so interesting, the poem is entitled "I am", yet all the descriptions of the speaker come from the outside, from what others call her/him, from how others read her/his actions!

rp605 said...

I can't put my finger on it, but this struck something in me and really made me smile. Just such lovely images and a great person to be :)

Sherri B. said...

I most definitely believe we are kindred spirits. :~)

Beautiful read -- thanks for sharing!

Tumblewords: said...

Ah, this is neat! Very nicely done!

Aki said...

WOW! Nice one.

floreta said...

i like the repetition in your poem with the last line of each stanza!

Anonymous said...

wonderfullllllllllllllllll!!! :D

take a peek into mine at

Megha said...

wow! i like it...I'd like every line of your poem

linda may said...

I identify. Good work.

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