May 12, 2015

Book Review: Lady, you're not a man!

I read somewhere that this book is an Indian version of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. I haven't read Lean In yet but "Lady, you're not a man!" talks in detail about the numerous issues that working women of India have to deal with. Humorous, witty and lots of interesting personal stories, the author Apurva Purohit has conveyed many important and valuable lessons in a breezy manner. I was nodding in agreement in many chapters and felt so glad that I'm not alone in this journey.

The book is well structured, starting off with acceptance of various issues and struggles that women face. Sometimes, we do ponder if we are over-working ourselves, both at work and at home. It felt good when she talked about how multitasking which women are pro at, can work to our advantage. In one of the chapters, she talks about an interesting term called "Suffering Sita" syndrome :-) It was hilarious but at the same time, an eye-opener for many of us who unconsciously drift into this "victim" mode and blame everyone around us.

The narration gradually shifts to how you can adapt yourself to reality. Having the right attitude, positive mindset, approach to hardwork, prioritization, asking for help and putting systems in place to make sure things work for you and your family - lots of useful tips and take-aways in these chapters.

The chapters I loved the most are the ones related to Achievement. Volunteering for new initiatives and projects, personal communication, rapport building with male and female peers and sub-ordinates, mentoring the next generation and celebrating your own success - very important but given less focus due to our mindset.

The important lines in this book according to me -  
"Build a reputation, not a CV. Reputation is built over millions of moments of being diligent, sincere, hardworking and ethical".
Highly recommend this book for every working woman in India (and for the men too). Do give it a read.

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