May 11, 2015

Sit down, please!

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 It was my 3rd day at my Yoga class. After a round of different asanas from the lying down position, our instructor asked us to get up from the sitting posture, without using our hands for support. I was able to do that casually while the others in my class were finding it a little difficult. My instructor was a little shocked looking at my ease and said "Wow". I felt happy since I was struggling with many stretching postures earlier. A small win can boost your confidence tremendously, isn't it?

This incident brought up a lot of questions around how our sitting habits have changed. We no longer sit down on the floor - be it for eating, reading or even chatting with friends/family at home. Our love for chairs and couches have only gone up manifold. I used to sit down a lot when I was a kid and a teenager. It was our family practice to sit down on the floor and have our meals. It's a different story that we didn't have space in our 1 BHK to accommodate a dining table.

After I started working, the "sitting down" practice totally went for a toss. Stuck to the cubicle and a comfortable chair in office, lying down on a couch and watching TV at home - I was alternating between the two worlds effortlessly in my 20s. Then my daughter was born and my life changed in multiple ways. One of the many positive traits that I have incorporated in these past 3 years is sitting down on the "floor".

When she was an infant, I would roll a mat on the floor, put all her toys and we would sit down and play. We are continuing this habit till date. So her play time at home gives me the opportunity to sit down. I can feel that this simple change has helped my legs to be more strong and flexible.

One of my goals is to set up a nice, cozy reading nook in my home - a colorful mat with some cushions thrown around, good books, a nice sharp pencil, a notebook and a cup of tea. Preferably near a window with ample natural light. Once I set it up, I'll get a picture added to this post :-)

Do you sit down on the floor a lot? If not, try consciously to take this simple step. Start off with just 15 min and slowly increase the time. Your legs and thighs will bless you later.

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