Jan 13, 2016

10 Tamil melodies of AR Rahman that you might have missed

One of my goals for 2016 is to get back to listening to my kind of music more often whenever time permits. The little one has been hogging my iPod with her favorite fast beat songs and I hardly get to hear even a single favorite of mine :-)

I grew up with the music of ARR and have been a hard-core Rahmaniac for the last 2 decades. More than the popular songs, I love his melodies - soul stirring, soothing and relaxing. He has given some fantastic melodies that have been quite popular even after the release of the movies and the music channels repeating them everyday. But there were many beautiful songs that didn't get the attention they deserve. I'm sure these reside in the playlists of Rahman fans like me. Here's a list of 10 such least popular melodies that I love:

1) Nenje Nenje from Ratchagan
The right choice of singers in KJ Yesudas and Sadhana Sargam, meaningful lyrics and the music that doesn't interfere too much with the flow and the words. The tune just before the second stanza is so soothing that you should just close your eyes and listen to it. In the same album, there is a tiny song "kaiyil midhakkum kanavaa" which is also a beautiful one.

2) Kalakalavena Pozhiyum from Rhythm
Yet another beautiful album where each song emphasizes on one of the five elements of the Universe. Though I like the popular "kaatre en vaasal", the song that I love the most is the one that focuses on the sky and the clouds. Sung by Sadhana Sargam, the beat that's present throughout the song, along with the sound of the anklets is so addictive.

3) Ennuyir Thozhiye from Kangalal Kaidhu Sei
Though this movie was a big flop, the music is just awesome. This song sung by two of my favorite singers Unni Menon and Chinmayi has a soft Carnatic base. I'm not sure about the raaga (Carnatic music fans, please share if you know). The music yet again provides a nice, supporting gesture and the voices sound so clear.

4) Sonnaalum from Kaadhal Virus
I clearly remember the time when this movie got released. I had just shifted to Bangalore and while I was hanging out with friends in Brigade Road, I quickly hopped over to Planet-M and bought the cassette. When I came home, I listened to it in my new Sony Walkman :-) The singers Harini and Unnikrishnan have given their best performance in this song but sadly the music didn't reach the masses.

5) Azhagae Sugamaa from Paarthale Paravasam
I fell in love with this song when I heard it the first time. It didn't need any time to grow on me. Soft and melancholic tunes, beautiful lyrics and soothing voices of Srinivas and Sadhana Sargam convert this simple song into a masterpiece. The violin tune towards the end gives a caressing feel to it.

6) Thoda Thoda from Indira
This is one of those songs which you should listen to, closing your eyes after a long tiring day. This song relaxes me completely if my mind is disturbed or overactive for some reason. The legendary singers SPB and Chitra make it sound so effortless and easy.

7) Naan Paadum Sandham from Duet
I came across this song long time after the album was released. I somehow missed it even when I saw the movie. It's a happy song, aptly supported by the saxophone tunes of Kadri Gopalnath and the voice of SPB.

8) Kangalil Enna Eeramo from Uzhavan
This movie got released right after Roja, I guess. But I never got to listen to it. I discovered this particular song only a few years back and regretted why I didn't hear it for so many years. Chitra has poured in so much of emotion and hope into this song. After the first stanza, the song elevates to a more positive, spirited one, sung by SPB. When you are down or upset, I highly recommend this song as an antidote.

9) Sevvaanam from Pavithra
I remember hearing this song in Oliyum Oliyum in Doordarshan many years back but never knew it was from ARR. It's definitely not a unique or special one but for some reason, I like this song. Reminds me of simpler times, I guess :-)

10) En Swaasa Kaatre from En Swaasa Kaatre
Last but not the least, how could I miss this one? I even wrote a blogpost on it couple of years back. This song reminds me of the beautiful times when my hubby came into my life :-) And ofcourse, the times when my little baby used to sleep on my arms, listening to this song as a lullaby.

P.S. I so wanted to add "Vellai Pookal" from Kannathil Muthamittaal to this list but I presume it's a relatively popular song as compared to the songs listed above.

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