Jan 7, 2016

A tribute to mothers of this generation

As I regain my breath, sipping tulsi green tea, trying to calm myself from the 1.5 hrs of multi-tasking and running behind my little one to get her ready for school, I wonder how times have changed. When I was a child of 4-5 years, my paternal grand mom would be making my breakfast and packing my lunch box, my dad/mum would give me a bath and get me dressed, my aunt would tie up my hair into two cute ponytails and then she would drop us to school. I don't remember any tension or hurry in their faces.

Now as I look at my frazzled hair and yet-to-change sweaty t-shirt from Yoga class, it's no surprise that we are pushing hard *single-handedly* getting our naughty little ones ready for school. Though my daughter's school starts relatively late compared to other schools in the city, it's still quite an ask to brush her teeth, give her breakfast, pack her lunch box, get her dressed and comb her hair, all in a matter of an hour. The little one thinks it's funny to make maama run around with a toothbrush or to throw her t-shirt and jump on the bed when the bus is just 5 min away from the apartment gate. A normally low BP person like me would not be surprised if the scale shoots above 130/80 in the critical one hour. I feel even more bad because I would have just returned from my Yoga session with a relaxing Savaasana before the madness and rush begins.

I asked myself "Why am I taking so much of tension? Can't I just laugh it off?". The main reason is that I WANT that 4 hours for myself - the pending to-dos to complete, errands to run and numerous other interests to be kept alive, which is only possible during her school hours.

So to all the moms who do this morning routine every single day, single-handedly, hats off and salute….Relax and take a break once kids are off to school, sip your favorite tea, put on your favorite music and take some time for yourself. WE DESERVE IT!!

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