Aug 6, 2020

Adios to Twitter and Facebook

This morning, I deactivated both my Twitter and Facebook accounts. I haven't been active on either of these platforms for the last couple of years. It didn't make sense to leave the accounts idle when I'm not using them. Ever since I started taking steps towards conscious content consumption, this task had been on my mind but I was hesitating, thinking I might login if needed. Yes, the same talk we have with ourselves when we don't want to get rid of old stuff at home - "This might come in handy one day. I might use it sometime". Sounds familiar? 

FB keeps sending notifications by email that so-and-so has uploaded a pic, posted an update etc. The best part is this message - "So much has happened since you logged onto Facebook". When you login to check, the notifications count will be 4. And all of them will be exactly similar - so-and-so uploaded a pic 🙂

Grateful to both the platforms all these years. FB helped me connect with many of my school and college friends. I vividly remember this brief period in 2010 when I was hooked onto Farmville, gathering virtual gifts from friends and family as and when they share on FB. It was super fun. But over the years, the "connection" element got lost because of various factors - FB's algorithm deciding what to show in our feed, giving preference to sponsored content and even the way we use the platform has shifted more towards external validation.

Twitter helped me connect at a professional level with many thought leaders on startups, product management, marketing, entrepreneurship, growth hacking etc. Even though I stopped using Twitter, I still connect with many of these thought leaders through their books, blogs, podcasts and newsletters. 

My intention is to engage with long form content in a planned manner. Scheduled time slots to read newsletters is one such practice I mentioned in my previous post. Will share more as I implement other ideas into practice.

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