Aug 15, 2020

Singing, ARR and freedom


I'm not a bathroom singer but a "paathiram" singer, if I may say so 🙂 Read further to know why.

A sink full of dirty dishes was calling me out. I didn't pay heed to its call as I was deliberately looking away from my kitchen. It was 6:45PM already and I knew it was high time I kicked the laziness out and cleared those dishes. I switched on my phone, opened Spotify app and started to play an ARR playlist with the title "Happy birthday Rahman". The next 40 minutes turned out to be so blissful as I was singing on top of my voice while cleaning the dishes. Songs from Roja, Kadhalan and Indira were playing one after the other - yes, the 90s Rahman! No, I don't belong to that category of Rahman fans who believe his 90s albums were his best work. I enjoy his Singapenne as much as his Chinna Chinna Aasai. Every decade, every album and every song of his has some special moments in them. 

As the nation celebrates its Independence Day, we Rahmaniacs are also celebrating 28 years of AR Rahman on this very day. As much as I enjoy listening to his songs, I love singing them too. BUT the moment I start singing, D would immediately request/plead/beg/order me to stop it. For some reason, she hates it whenever I sing at home or in the car. 

I got the perfect chance to sing to my heart's content this evening as D and K were busy with monopoly in the other room. I experienced that sense of freedom - to sing freely with no inhibitions or interruptions. It's been a long time since I did the singing session at home. And so it gets recorded in my blog.

P.S. Paathiram in Tamil means dishes :-)

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