Jan 22, 2021

Get up and Move

Feeling quite tired and exhausted? The solution is not to lie on the bed throughout the day (unless you are suffering from crippling health ailments). 

Some of us have this preconceived notion - "We need energy to move our body". No, it's quite the reverse. "We gain energy by moving our body". 

When I say "moving our body", I'm not referring to heavy forms of exercise or even brisk walking. Even a stroll amidst nature, sunlight, and fresh air will give us an instant boost of energy. Not just that, it improves our blood circulation, helps in regular bowel movements, improves our mood and overall mental well-being. Lying down all day not only takes away these above-listed benefits but it worsens any pre-existing health ailments.

As I reflect on my early childhood days, our home didn't have any sofa/couch/cot/dining table, etc. We used to sit down on the floor for every activity - studying, playing, and eating. Sitting down and getting up multiple times in a day is in itself a good movement for abs that was incorporated as part of daily life. No cot and mattress were left open all day long. As soon as we got up, the first thing we used to do was roll the mats and mattresses and keep them along with pillows in a corner of the room. These were left untouched until the end of the day. Everyone in the family was occupied with some chore or the other. Yes, there were quiet times in the afternoons when casual chit-chats, reading books, or chanting shlokas would be undertaken. On rare occasions, grandparents would take a short nap in the afternoons. Lying down in the evenings was frowned upon. 

The more comforts entered our homes, the more tiredness entered our lives. 

Our bodies are not designed for sitting or lying down all day. Our bodies need movement. 

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