Mar 1, 2021

Are you willing?

When we are willing to eat ice-cream, we would eat it, despite having diabetes. When we are not willing to eat sweet potatoes or yellow pumpkin, we will not eat them and cite diabetes as the reason.

When we are willing to go for a walk, we will go for it, despite feeling tired. When we are not willing to go for a walk, we will not go for it, and cite tiredness as the reason.

Many times, we force ourselves into doing something which we don't enjoy, just because we are expecting certain outcomes. There are also times when we are willingly indulging in habits/actions which we know aren't good for our health.

I realize that every little action we do (or don't do) related to our lifestyle dwells on our willingness. Willingness stems from "wanting" or "enjoying" the process. 

We start "wanting" or "enjoying" the process, when these four criteria are met
  • When we have the right information that is convincing and logical
  • When the process is easy to follow or implement
  • When we experience tiny wins
  • When the experience with alternatives isn't good enough
To give an example, I planned to make upma for breakfast this morning. Instead of the usual rava upma, I made foxtail millet upma along with coconut chutney. 

I enjoyed the millet upma because
  • I'm aware of the health benefits of millets. I have gathered enough information on millets and their importance in our diet and our ecology
  • I always stock up millets, so it was easy to make. I have made millet based upma multiple times and I knew the recipe
  • I have always found eating millets to be satiating. Including millets have improved my health in multiple ways
  • Rava upma increases acidity and bloating in me. Though it tastes good, I don't like the after-effects
For someone else, they may not be WILLING to switch from the usual rava upma to millet upma. 

It takes time for the four criteria to be met. So if you find yourself struggling to make the change, give yourself enough time and consciously work towards understanding what these four criteria means to you.

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