Mar 5, 2021

Top 10 favorite songs of Harris Jayaraj

Is music a part of your daily routine? 

Music plays such a positive role in our mental well-being. Be it singing, playing a musical instrument, or just listening, there are multiple benefits that music offers. Yet sometimes we do tend to deprioritize what we like to do when we feel overwhelmed with the demands of our daily grind.

It's been 5 months since I played any music on my phone or iPod. As I prefer to listen to music through speakers and not use headphones/earphones, I couldn't get a space for myself where I can play music while doing chores or relaxing. 

I started to feel the void created by the lack of music in my days and so I intentionally added "Listen to music" in my habit tracker for March. For the past four days, I have been playing my favourite songs on Spotify and I could easily sense what I had been missing.

What surprised me the most was that I didn't play my usual ARR or Illayaraaja albums. For some reason, it has been the music of Harris Jayaraj (HJ) that I keep gravitating to over the past few days. 

One of the sources of comfort is Predictability. HJ's songs have a predictable pattern but I have no complaints. I enjoy his melodies so much that even if he repeats the same pattern for another 10 years, I would still love to listen to them. The clear tracks, emphasis on the clarity of lyrics, foot-tapping interludes, and the right choice of singers make his songs pleasant to the ears.

Right from Minnale to Dhruva Natchathiram, I love many of his creations that I like to revisit them often. Yes, we all need that source of COMFORT and PREDICTABILITY, not just in our choice of music albums but also in our food preferences (kichdi for a few, thayir saadham for a few, rajma chawal for a few) and our entertainment choices (umpteenth time FRIENDS binge-watching on Netflix, anyone?).

Here are my top 10 favorites of Harris Jayaraj in no particular order (extremely challenging to pick just 10, but let me try)

(1) Oru Manam from Dhruva Natchathiram

I casually stumbled upon this single a few days back and I'm hooked onto it. Classic HJ! Such a feel-good romantic song. 

(2) Unakkene venum sollu / Idhayathai edho onru from Yennai Arindhal

Two songs, different singers, different lyrics, different moods, one tune - both are so soothing and bring out the mood so beautifully. 

(3) Ennai Saaithaalae from Endrendrum Punnagai

I'm yet to watch this movie, but I have watched this song so many times on Youtube. One of the rare romantic songs where I'm in love with picturization. Love the tune and the lyrics as well.

(4) Uyire en uyire from Thotti Jaya

No idea when this movie was released, but this song has been on my playlist for many years. I love the effortless transition from Anuradha Sriram's voice to Bombay Jeyashree's. Yet another melody with the right singers.

(5) Mun andhi chaaral nee from 7aum arivu

A soothing romantic number. And simple, beautiful lyrics. Enough said!

(6) Ennai pandhaada pirandhavale from Ullam Ketkumae

It is very rare for a song to be present in both K's and my playlists as our musical tastes are so different. One such rare song is this romantic melody. Srinivas had sung it so beautifully. 

(7) Uyirile from Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

A simple duet with a touch of melancholy. The clarity of the lyrics elevates the beauty of this song.

(8) Mundhinam paarthane from Vaaranam Aayiram

When this album was released, I went gaga over this song. It was such a beautiful retro picturization. And what a dialogue at the beginning of the song! 

(9) Ivan yaaro from Minnale

While the whole world was in love with Vaseegara when the album was released, my favorite has always been Ivan yaaro. Such a feel-good number!

(10) Gulmohar malare from Majunu

Ah! this song brings back memories of the SS music days! My brother and I used to be hooked onto this channel back in 2001-02 after we return from college. Yet another sweet, pleasing song. Hariharan's voice modulations give a nice touch to the song that flows like a breeze.

Bonus numbers that didn't make it to the top 10 

(1) Aagaya suriyanai from Samurai

(2) Oru maalai from Ghajni

(3) All songs from Lesa Lesa - this album gave me the required comfort when I felt seasick while going for a weekend sailing trip in SFO back in 2003. While it was freezing cold outside and shaky inside the sailboat, all I did was listen to Lesa Lesa cassette in repeat mode. Yes, good old cassette days!

Are you a fan of Harris Jayaraj albums? What are your favorite songs? What do you like about his work? Share in the comments below.

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