Feb 6, 2022

Factory Reset

 This morning, my phone was restarting continuously and I couldn't figure out the exact issue. So I ended up doing the "factory reset", hoping that this would resolve the problem.

As I reset my phone, I wondered how it would be if humans also had a factory reset option. As I spoke this out loud, my daughter responded, "then you would forget everything you have learned, mommy. You will then go back to kindergarten and learn ABCs all over again".

What I inferred by factory reset wasn't exactly our knowledge.

What if our childhood conditioning, our beliefs, biases, judgments, habits, and patterns can be wiped off and we could get a clean slate whenever required, WITHOUT any impact on the basic knowledge that we had gained to function in this world?

What if a clean slate is possible WITHOUT giving up on our physical body and the present life?

Why is it that ONLY death and rebirth can enable this total reset option?

If "Restart" is equivalent to sleep that refreshes us every single day, what is the equivalent of "Reset" in the real world?

Would that be a 14-day Vipassana meditation?

Would that be any life-altering event that shows us the needed perspective to reset our patterns?

Would that be initiated by a serendipitous event or a person?

Just a few random questions that I'm throwing out into the Universe.

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