Feb 28, 2022

Top 10 favorite songs of Yuvan Shankar Raja

As I stumbled upon this hashtag #25yearsofYuvanism this evening, many of his beautiful songs flashed in my mind one after another. Being an 80s kid, Illayaraja meant early childhood, AR Rahman meant growing up years (and beyond too!), Harris Jayaraj meant college days, Yuvan meant early work years.

I remember in the 2000s there was a brief time frame when there were not many ARR Tamil albums being released. Harris and Yuvan filled the gap with amazing albums. After returning from work, listening to Yuvan's songs on Sun Music used to be my choice of relaxation in the evenings.

My first iPod had a playlist of Yuvan songs that were so special to me. I'm a bigger fan of his voice than his music composition. His soulful voice stirs up a melancholy of emotions.

As I was listing down my top 10 favorite songs, it is no surprise that majority of them are sung by Yuvan himself.

1) Pogadhey from Deepavali
2) En kaadhal solla neramillai from Paiya
3) Iragai poley alaigirine from Naan mahaan alla
4) Neethane from Sarvam
5) Natpukkullae from Chennai 600028
6) Oru kal from Siva manasula Sakthi
7) Merke merke from Kanda naal mudhal
8) Nenjodu kalandhidu from Kaadhal konden
9) Yaaro from Chennai 600028
10) Oru Devadhai from Vaamanan

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