May 18, 2022

Energy management

 Energy - the word, the feeling, the concept that I'm super curious about.

Spend an hour with a person who laughs, smiles, exudes a lot of love, actively listens and shares interesting insights, and shows mutual respect for everyone and everything - you feel energized at the end of the hour.

Spend 15 minutes with a person who criticizes you for who you are, blames everyone and everything, has a grumpy face, feels entitled, and is egoistic - your energy is zapped within a few minutes of interacting with such a person.

Our energies not only get impacted by others in our day-to-day interactions but also by our thoughts, words, and actions. For the past couple of days, I felt exhausted and drained. My quick energy charger is to go for a walk on the terrace, but the continuous rains spoiled all chances to step outside my home. Instead of resisting the feeling, I accepted that I was low on energy and took it easy.

As I woke up this morning, I felt a sudden rush of energy through my nerves. It felt like my battery got fully charged after a good night's sleep. My mind was racing with a bunch of todos to complete. My hands were busy, cooking breakfast and lunch, multitasking with all three stove burners ON. As I was quickly chopping a raw banana into small cubes for a dry curry, I accidentally cut my left thumb with a sharp knife. Blood was oozing out, it was a deep cut. I washed my hand a few times and then K helped me with a band-aid. I sat down for a few minutes and took a few deep breaths.

As I pondered over what happened, I realized that there was no need for me to rush through this morning. I could have sat down for a few minutes and jotted down all thoughts and todos rushing into my mind (thought dump technique).

After slowly winding up the remaining kitchen work, I ate my breakfast and then did a 30-minute guided meditation. It felt so relaxing and I could feel that my mind had slowed down.

This experience taught me an important lesson - 

"It is not about how much energy we have or don't have. What matters is how we manage our energy. Energy management is more crucial than time management. Understand how the energy reserve can be sustained throughout the day, instead of exhausting it in quick bursts by overdoing or multitasking."

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