Sep 14, 2022



While listening to a talk by Amy Bucher, an applied behavioral scientist, I stumbled upon this interesting definition of Motivation. She says, "Motivation => Desire with velocity".

Many times, we have the desire or inspiration to do something, but the interest isn't sustained for long. There might be an initial momentum, due to curiosity or peer pressure. But it isn't self-sustaining. There isn't much velocity to take us forward in the journey.

As I thought about what fuelled velocity in the habits that I have managed to sustain, it became evident that the factors contributing to velocity are hardly external. We might seek inspiration by watching 100s of videos or following 50 different influencers, but when it comes to taking action and sustaining it, the factors are mostly internal.

For eg, Reading books is one habit that I have continued for many years. As I pondered over the factors that sustained my velocity, these are the reasons that came on top of my mind:

=> It helps me increase my focus and attention span (one of my important values).
=> It increases the quality of my life.
=> It opens up my eyes to multiple perspectives.
=> I love to be associated with the identity of a reader.
=> I love to be around books.
=> Reading is a pleasurable activity.

If you don't see yourself as a reader, it is hard to convince your mind that reading is an important activity and that you need to make time for it, amidst your busy schedule.

Our values and our identity play a key role when it comes to adopting AND following through with habits.

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