Dec 22, 2022


 Every experience is significant. It happens for a reason. 

We may not understand the reason at the exact moment a particular experience happens in our lives. But it always makes sense when you connect the dots backward.

An experience that happened in 2021 helped me manage a situation in 2022.

I don't know why a certain series of events happened this year, but am sure it will reveal itself at the right time.

Earlier, my over-analyzing nature would ponder, "Why? Why now? Why me?" and keep thinking about all the possibilities. But now, I just quietly accept without overthinking and believe that the understanding will dawn naturally one fine day.

Every experience teaches us something new:

  • something about ourselves
  • something about others
  • something about the society we live in

The experiences of the past two weeks taught me something about myself. It made me question something deeper about my personality:

"I'm a flexible and accommodating person by nature, but sometimes, am I taking this nature of mine a bit too far?".

Every experience opens up new doors, that we wouldn't otherwise know existed.

A random post in 2017 by someone on Instagram opened up a new area of interest. 5 years later, I'm still being associated with the same.

A presentation I made in 2010 struck a chord with someone and he referred me to an earlier work opportunity.

A random connection from an earlier work project played a role in connecting me to my current work opportunity.

These coincidences and experiences feel like a maze of events, seemingly so random, but there is an inherent meaning and purpose behind them.

Dec has been such a weird and challenging month in multiple ways. There were times when I felt, "When will this 2022 get over? I've had enough of it". But I believe these experiences have significance, which will unravel as time passes.

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