Jan 27, 2023

Ladder of Wellness

 I came across a speech by Thalaivar (Superstar Rajnikanth), where he spoke about how the combination of alcohol, smoking, and non-vegetarian food is deadly. I'm so glad that he shared his thoughts on this topic and his honest declaration of how he had these habits and how he overcame them.

I agree with his point but would also like to add another angle.

I have come across people who never had these three habits and yet don't lead healthy and peaceful lives in their 60s and 70s.

I have also come across people, whose food habits aren't 100% healthy. It is worth noting that how foods are categorized as healthy is quite subjective, given the confusion prevailing in the media. Nevertheless, the point is that even though they may not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, they enjoy a healthy and vibrant life in their 60s. A good social circle, active hobbies and interests, extended family support, and meaningful conversations - are the possible reasons.

A simplified interpretation to understand the different facets that impact our well-being is this Ladder of Wellness. Please note this is my perspective and not scientifically validated.

We all start to climb this ladder, but some of us get stuck in the realm of physical well-being (food and exercise).

Are we getting obsessed over food and ignoring the more powerful thoughts? The role of our emotions and our thoughts supersede the effects of food.

If we take a moment to introspect about what we feed our senses - day in and day out, we realize the quantity and quality of inputs that influence our thoughts.

A few days back, I watched a Malayalam movie, recommended by many - Mukundan Unni Associates. The protagonist is an evil, vicious character, who gets away with murder and violence. The movie is driven primarily by his mind's voice. I was hoping that towards the end, he would pay for his deeds, but nothing of that sort happened. He is shown to become an even more successful lawyer cum businessman. The movie made me feel so disturbed. 

There are many such movies off late, where you don't feel good after watching them. 

Let's be aware of what we feed our eyes, ears, and mind. Not only our mouths.

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