Jan 9, 2023

Spirituality is NOT a business

 I don't follow the news, but somehow a particular incident came to my attention via Youtube recommendations. After following the sequence of incidents and the news anchors' analysis, I felt quite disturbed. My mind was racing with so many thoughts and questions.

Spirituality is becoming a growing business, especially in this post-pandemic world. As we face the challenges of life (grief, trauma, tragedy, stress, daily struggles), we are looking for solutions. We are looking for leaders who can help us get resolutions, who can help us see things from new perspectives, or who can help us process our feelings.

A spiritual leader doesn't grow overnight. It is up to us as followers who decide the growth trajectory of a spiritual leader.

Just like food influencers, lifestyle influencers, and fin-fluencers, there is a growing breed of spiritual influencers on social media.

I don't understand the blind adulation and complete faith that people entrust in such influencers without understanding the hidden motivations.

Nothing gets shared for free. Any gyaan or information they offer (which they call a "service") is behind a paywall.

How can a living person with not-so-much life experience offer perspectives on ALL facets of life, I wonder.

Over the past 3 years, I have enrolled in multiple workshops, attended online meditation sessions, and read many books on the topics of philosophy and spirituality. But I don't think I'd blindly surrender to the ideologies of ONE person. 

Taking in multiple perspectives and making choices that would best suit your personality and environment is what I'd always recommend.

Let's keep in mind - NO one person has answers to all your questions. Search within. Ask the Universe. Gather perspectives from multiple sources. Question them. Journal and self-reflect. You don't need a paid course to do the same.

Simplify your approach to self-reflection.

Your lack of self-trust and self-esteem is someone else's gain. There's big money in play (tax-free!).

You have ALL the abilities to understand yourself and your situations. HAVE TRUST IN YOURSELF.

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