Aug 12, 2023

Changing perspectives

 In 2016, I wrote a post on why it is important to find your slash - different identities separated by /

In 2022, I shared about how identities (labels) prevent us from connecting with the Universal consciousness.

Two completely contradicting thoughts.

I used to display the slashes in my bio earlier. I no longer do so as I'm trying to disassociate myself with identities I have clung to. Long way to go in this journey!

As years go by, we change as individuals - our mindsets, priorities, and perspectives go through a shift. This is a natural process as we evolve through life experiences. This transition accelerates when we consciously avoid being on auto-pilot all the time.

Social media has provided a platform for us to share our changing perspectives over the years. So it goes without saying that what we see on social media isn't a true reflection of the person. So it is better to take everything with a pinch of salt and add a "conditions apply" disclaimer internally after going through every post/tweet/reel/video/workshop etc.

Perspectives are not Facts.

Perspectives are not Truths.

Perspectives cannot be proven under all situations.

Perspectives may not apply to a larger population.

A perspective is a learning or takeaway that applies to me, given my environment, life experience, context, and present situation.

It is TRUTH for me, but may not be TRUTH for someone else.

Sharing of perspectives starts with good intentions. But over time, this intention gets tainted when financial and business motivations get into the picture. Then it makes us question 

whether those perspectives are

- real or made up

- have any unscrupulous intent

- brought up to earn a few extra bucks

- shared to build a business that banks on people's insecurities and fears

I understand these aren't easy to decipher and we don't need to break our heads for the same.

Consume less content.

Let go of FOMO.

Trust that the right inputs you need will come to you.

Spend time on gaining perspectives that require effort

  • Effort on the receiver - reading, thinking, analyzing, introspecting
  • Effort on the sharer - expertise, experience, time invested to shape/structure/present them along with a caveat that it is their perspective and can be biased

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