Aug 22, 2023

Dominance of Rajasic Qualities

 I used to crave a cup of hot coffee or chai by around 11-11:30 AM whenever I used to work for an employer. The key reason behind this craving was that there would invariably be a few meetings lined up between 11:30-1:30 PM. Such meetings not only require focus but also a few other qualities like taking initiative, planning, negotiation, constructive feedback - both giving and receiving, deciding the next course of action, gathering perspectives from others, etc. Some meetings would also involve facing an egoistic attitude from others - unexpected backlashes, interruptions while you try to convey your views, blame games/passing the buck to different teams, etc.

As I thought about this need for the extra cup of tea/coffee, it wasn't because I was feeling sleepy, lethargic, or tired - to conquer the tamasic qualities. This craving was my system's indication to increase the percentage of the Rajasic component. Action, passion, aggression, impatience, power-mongering, ego, achievement, ambition, and workaholism are all expressions of Rajasic tendency.

All of us operate with a certain ratio of Sattva:Rajas:Tamas tendencies.

Today's work environment requires very strong Rajasic qualities as listed above, which skews this ratio more towards Rajas.

The higher you go up the corporate ladder, the stronger the requirements of Rajasic qualities to get work done. Expectations from self as well as from others have gone up tremendously.

The percentage of Rajas in most of us is quite high these days, leading to multiple physical (high blood pressure, heart disease) and psychological (anxiety, burnout) ailments.

With a higher Rajas already in place, we further increase it through dynamic, fast-paced exercise routines (running, HIIT), extra cups of tea/black coffee, spicy and oily foods, lack of sleep, and too many thoughts and tasks on our mind.

Slowing down, prioritizing rest and recovery, identifying our core priorities, and adopting the qualities of Sattva - honesty, compassion, service, joy, humility, and sharing are all ways to control Rajas and bring balance to our lives.

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