Oct 9, 2023

One Insight Series

 "You are one insight away from changing your life"

I heard this quote many years back and I strongly believe in it.
Books are the main source of such life-changing insights for me.

Off late, I have been seeing videos/courses where people proclaim that they can summarize a book in 5 minutes. It is a tall claim, quite unreasonable in my opinion.

I find it challenging to summarize the key takeaways of a good book within an hour during my book club sessions. How can you get the essence of the whole book in 5 minutes, I wonder.

Good books need time and commitment from readers, which many of us are unable to allocate amidst our busy schedules.

Starting this new series called "One Insight" on YouTube, where I focus on one impactful insight that I learn from each book. Planning to keep the video length to 7-8 min max.

The intention behind this series is the hope that one insight might resonate with the person watching the video, he/she then becomes curious about the book and starts reading it.

Will keep adding more videos to this playlist shortly. Subscribe to my channel if this series will be of interest to you.

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