Oct 7, 2023

Book Review: Messages from the Masters by Dr Brian Weiss

 I read "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr Brian Weiss three years back. The author, a psychiatrist, summarizes his interactions with one of his patients that led him toward the concepts of past lives, reincarnation, and messages transmitted from divine masters.

His book "Messages from the Masters" conveys his experiences and interactions with various people over the years, when he brought about healing through past life regression and hypnotherapy techniques. As each experience unfolds, he beautifully captures the essence of the soul's journey in crisp and impactful words.

We are here on this physical plane as humans, to realize our true nature. He correlates our existence to that of a school, where we enroll in a curriculum, learn specific lessons, and move on to the next. The cycle of life keeps repeating until our soul has learned the required lessons and experienced the qualities of our true nature. The soul then moves onto subsequent planes, where it can choose to give guidance to people in the physical plane, without taking a physical form. Such souls are referred to as "Masters" in this context.

The author gives various examples of how people tap into the power of intuitive abilities and listen to the messages from these Masters.

The soul tunes itself to the vibrations and energies around it ever since the in-utero period. This is relevant to help us understand the emotions around us as we grow from a fetus to an infant to a young child.

The author also talks about how relationships are like a living laboratory that helps us test if the lessons are being learned. He elaborates on the various obstacles that come in the way - anger, fear, insecurity, closed mindset, etc.

He warns about spiritual teachers, healers, and mediums who can mislead us or make us dependent on their advice. It is imperative that we believe in our innate powers and tap into our intuitive abilities to understand our present life situations and lessons to be learned. Some of the practices suggested are quietening our minds and listening to the inner voice, meditation, and visualization techniques.

If you believe in the Universe, the power of signs and coincidences, and the cycle of life, you will find this book insightful.

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